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FLCA 2015 Budget Process
1 Sep 2014  The 2015 budget process has begun. Your Board of Directors has published a draft budget and draft Capital Project/Reserves Budget (password protected, contact FLCA Office).

Important dates pertaining to the budget are:

October 22nd: Community input session will be held from 6:00-7:00pm at the Pavilion.  If you simply have a question or want more information about the process, please check the website or contact the FLCA office, as we do not expect to have time for general Q&A during this meeting. Budget board work-session will take place after community input.

October 22nd: Budget will be reviewed and approved at the Board Meeting.

November 3rd: Final budget will be published on the website and hard copies will be available at the FLCA office. 

November 8th: Budget highlights will be covered in the November newsletter.

FL Business and Community Group
25 Jun 2014 The Forest Lakes Business and Community Group brings together Forest Lakes resident business professionals and active community members. Our goal is to provide leadership to our community of Forest Lakes by building relationships, sponsoring educational forums, and increasing our business presence in the community in which we live. More information...

Transmission Line Update
Updated 2 Jun 2014  We are happy to report that construction of this line is complete and the line has been energized!

Wet spring weather and storms have delayed the Right of Way restoration. Hopefully the weather is drying up and we can start the restoration work in earnest.

In Forest Lakes, we will begin mat removal on 6/2/14. As the mats are removed, the impacted soil will be prepared and grass will be planted. The silt fencing will remain in place until 80%+ germination of the grass seed is achieved.
Most of the restoration work will be completed over the summer months.

Final competition of the project will be late fall. This will allow us to make reseed attempts as needed and follow up with any issues that arise.

At the request of the Forest Lakes HOA Board, Dominion will send an engineer to take EMF readings at strategic locations in the community. We will create a report to share the information with additional context on what the readings mean for you and your family.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work to insure safe and reliable electric service for your community!.

FLCA Input on Rt. 29 Improvements
29 Apr 2014  The FLCA Board has provided comments to the Virginia Working Group regarding Albemarle and Charlottesville transportation improvements.  The full text of the input is available here.

Lock Car Doors!

In the Newsletter...

The following information can be found in the October Newsletter:

Upcoming Activities and Events (see the Calendar for all events):

  • County Waste Fall Bulk Pickup Oct. 11th
  • Holiday TGIF on Friday, December 12th, 6:00pm
  • Forest Lakes Third Thursdays for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
  • Bridge - 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month, 9:30am, at the Pavilion

Other Information:

  • Farmer’s Market News
  • Maintaining Yards in Forest Lakes
  • Halloween Safety Tips
  • Swim Team News
  • Tennis News
  • Fall Tennis Information
  • Selling Your Home? Disclosure Packet Info
  • Directories Available
  • Bible Study
  • Fitness Schedule
  • Forest Lakes Coffee Group
  • Forest Lakes Moms’ Group Information



A reminder that No Signs on Common PropertyForest Lakes by-laws prohibit signs, including political and "For Sale" signs on common property except to advertise an open house on the day of the open house.  Signs in violation of this regulation will be removed.

Renovating or Thinking about Removing a Tree?
Most exterior changes to your home, including landscaping changes require prior approval from the Architectural Review Board (ARB).  This Sheds require ARB approvalincludes, but is not limited to,  fences (including invisible ones), sheds, tree removal (greater than 6 inches in diameter), and paint color changes.  Information on procedures and forms, is on the Architectural Review page.

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Board Info

Next Board Meetings
Oct 22nd, 6pm Pavilion

Agenda and minutes for the meetings can be found on the Board page.

Protected Documents
FLCA financial (e.g., budget) documents and Board minutes are password-protected so that they are available to FLCA owners only.  Please call the FLCA office at 973-4596 for the username and password.

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